ManyMonths Wool Elephant Dino/Elephant Hood UNIQUE

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ManyMonths Wool Elephant Dino/Elephant Hood UNIQUE



Product Description

Our Elephant Hood has always been one of the most popular ManyMonths garments. Now available also in two UNiQUE versions: with lovely puppy ears and with a big sewn-on star.

Enjoy the playfulness and joy – and the future frequent stops on the streets when bypassers -OOH and -AAH… Also kid favourites! Grab the UNiQUE Hoods as long as they are available.

What makes the Elephant Hood so popular? It stays in place. It protects the head, neck, chest, and upper back. Protection of the chest is especially essential for babies who are getting new teeth and are drooling. And no scarf, high collar or turtleneck is needed!

The Elephant Hood is comfortable for sleeping since the elastic in the back is completely covered with wool and all seams are flat. Really stretchy which accommodates different head shapes very well. And great for babywearing, even on the back. Perfect fit and almost impossible for children to take off and throw away. No straps or fasteners that can get stuck. Also try underneath bicycle or other helmets.

The Hoods are perfect in mild weather and great for layering when it is really cold and freezing.

Material: The binding around the face and the fabric part inside the hood covering the neck elastic are 95% organic cotton/5% elastane rib. All the other parts 100% merino wool rib, non-mulesing production, fabric made especially for MaM Design.

Additional Information

Size Adventurer-Conqueror (1-4.5/5 years), Charmer/Explorer (3-12/18 month)
Colour Moonlight Blue, Poppy Red, Saffron Yellow, Violet Lotus


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