1. Claire

    Hi Just wondering at what age is it ok for baby’s legs to be spread wide like they show in this Manduca video. We have a Manduca and a 2 month old boy, and am wondering when we can start using it to carry him? Are using a JPMBB stretchy sling at the moment, but its handy to have two on the go as My husband carries him too. Thanks, Claire

    • admin

      The Manduca can be used from newborn. I personally prefer a different sling for the first view weeks. With two month you can use the insert or cinch the base to make it less wide. The second video is showing how to cinch the base. The video is a view years old, you can now get the “size it” for cinching. With two month you can try using the Manduca without the insert cinched or combine the insert with cinching. There is a blog article explaining it at the Manduca blog.

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