Babywearing covers

The babywearing cover keeps your baby warm and dry in the cold season and protected from wind, rain and insects, including harmful sun rays during the sunnier times of the year. It fits over all kinds of baby slings and carriers and can as easily be used both on front and back (both by mum and dad!). Your hands remain free for older siblings and/or a dog.

The MaM babywearing covers have been designed in the harsh Scandinavian climate to function wonderfully in all kinds of weather conditions. They have closures and a draw string in the hem making a secure pouch for the feet of the child. The neck of a sleeping child is supported by the cover, a feature especially appreciated by active babywearers. The head flap also works as an extra protection from sun rays/cold weather when needed and can be folded down when the child is awake. A must have for every active parent.

Babywearing coves can also be used as a cover for car seats and strollers and as a practical changing blanket on the go.