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From: €69.00 €55.00

Practical and flexible shoulder bag made of sling fabric.

This is our modern diaper bag, which is made especially for all carrying mums, or simply a great shoulder bag providing a lot of storage room for everything.

Long-lasting and robust – just like all of our popular ring sling models.


Product Description

Where can you put your keys, mobile phone, money, diapers, wet wipes, toys for “emergency”, and all other important things that parents must carry with them?

A backpack?
That’s impossible if you carry your child on your back and it is also uncomfortable if you are carrying on your side or in front of you.

A handbag or carrier bags?
They are impractical because you always have something in your hand.

A bum bag?
It is either too small or generally unattractive.

Our flexible shoulder bag that is made of sling fabric is more practical.

Special features of the HOPPEDIZ® SlingBags

Made of our original Jacquard sling fabric, with the designs Florenz or Marrakesch
Adjustable length of the straps by way of sling rings
Pocket for a mobile phone, space enough for a big smartphone or a digital cam, and a further pocket with a hook-and-loop fastener on the outside, e.g. for visiting cards
Internally stitched lanyard with a high quality snap hook. The lanyard is long enough so that you don’t have to remove the key each time you need it – one grasp is enough
Two big inside pockets with hook-and-loop fasteners for an IPad or diapers, two further inside pockets with a zipper
The big bag is closed by a zipper
The natural yarns are dyed prior to processing (yarn dyeing). This provides for a good and long lasting fixing of the colours of our many colourful but simple designs.

Design Marrakesch: 100% cotton
Design Florenz: 70% cotton, 30% linen

Width: approx. 42 cm
Height: approx. 36 cm
Max. length of the straps: approx. 145 cm
Width of the straps: approx. 15 cm

Additional Information

Design Brest, Florenz, Los Angeles copper, Marrakesch


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