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Mam Water sling

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Mam Water sling


Product photos for the new colours Big Dots and Iced Lemonade will be uploaded as soon as available.

Mam Water Sling
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Product Description

  • Handy when showering, at the swimming hall or on the beach.
  • Non-absorbent material, dries quickly.
  • Comfortable and fun for parent and child.

MaM Water Sling is designed for use in humid and wet, non-submersion conditions. The sling material doesn’t absorb water and thus it is comfortable for you and your baby when wet, and it dries very quickly. The Water Sling allows you to have your hands free while you shower with your baby, play around the baby pool or at the beach with your bigger kids, or just dance in the summer rain. The MaM Water Sling is made of a comfortable, high quality sports knit. The material is a breathable and quickly drying polyester mesh. The sling rings are a superb quality, American-made nylon product and each ring has been tested and stated safe. The nylon rings can hold a weight of about 500 kg. All slings are sewn by a Scandinavian-owned, GOTS certified manufacturer in China. We’ve had a very close and personal relationship with this sewing facility since its founding in year 2004. We recommend washing the Water Sling in 40°C and line drying. The Water Sling is best suited for a child under 12 kg but can be used up to a maximum weight of 15 kg depending on your comfort level.

Additional Information

Mam Water Sling Big Dots Daffodil, Big Dots Turquoise, Iced Limeade, Lily purple, White Sail


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