ManyMonths Adjustable Button Booties

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ManyMonths Adjustable Button Booties

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Product Description

A double-layer high-rib bootie for babywearing, sleeping, car and bike rides etc. with a cute coconut button adjustment. A onesize item in combosize NewComer-Charmer-Explorer Cold feet are a huge problem for many babywearing families, no matter what you do, the feet of your child stay cold, sometimes not even a babywearing jacket helps. We’ve designed the ultimate booties for the cold season and windy days in the summer too. The booties have a high, stretchy double rib (also for protecting the ankles). All seams are embedded between the layers for supreme comfort. Also great in the stroller, the bike and car seats. Material: 100% natural merino wool rib, inside organic cotton 95%/elastane 5% rib, non-mulesing production, fabric made specially for MaM Design.

Additional Information

Size NewComer-Charmer-Explorer
Colour Foggy Black, Lilac Rose, Mykonos Waters, Provence Blue, Raspberry Red, Sweet Apple


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