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ManyMonths Wool Longies with knee patches

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ManyMonths Wool Longies with knee patches



Product Description

Natural and SO easy alternative – Wool Longies pull-ups

UNiQUE Longies with Knee Patches in Hemp/Organic Cotton in a combo size of Explorer-Adventurer minus
with a somewhat wider and slightly lower cut + longer legs than the regular Explorer Longies for active ManyMonths Children.

Keeps baby’s skin dry and warm
Double layered
Foldable ribs
Finnish design

Merino wool allows moisture to evaporate, reducing dampness, and aids the maintenance of optimal skin temperature. Lanolinising makes wool both water resistant and self-cleaning. Not even advanced modern technology can replicate the comfort, durability, softness and security that wool offers.

All seams are sewn flat and the ribs have good stretch, which makes dressing easier. With Longies you don’t need any other pants. ManyMonths Longies are available in sizes Miracle/NewComer, Charmer, Explorer and Adventurer Plus.

Miracle/NewComer Preemie – 3/4 months

Charmer 3 – 6/9 months

Explorer 6 – 12/18 months

Adventurer Plus 1 – 4 years

Material: 100% natural merino wool rib, non-mulesing production, fabric made especially for us.

Additional Information

Size Charmer/Explorer (3-9 month or 62-74/80cm), Explorer/Adventurer (6month -1.5/2 years or 68-86/92cm)
Colour Majestic Plum, Original - Poppy Red, Royal Turquoise, Violet Lotus


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